Three Approaches to Abortion by Peter Kreeft – Thoughtful, Yes; Compassionate; Not So Much

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Peter Kreeft, as usual, writes concisely, clearly and informatively. Though the subtitle is a little misleading – a thoughtful guide to abortion, yes; a compassionate guide to abortion; not so much. Kreeft isn’t all that compassionate towards pro-choicers (there are more than a few zingers and sarcastic comments), but one could argue that his compassion is directed towards all the murdered babies.

Part I lists 15 steps that logically lead to a pro-life stance. It’s helpful for getting your own logic straight on the subject, though not something you would use if you were debating.

There is also a “Historical Postscript” in this section. It also includes some brief history on abortion and Planned Parenthood which has some very disturbing facts. Buying the book is worth it just for these 10 amazing pages.

Part II lists 15 motives for pro-life work. It’s helpful for understanding some of your own motives, or understanding other pro-lifers.

Part III is a dialogue between a pro-lifer and pro-choicer, and here is where things get particularly hairy. It seems neither side can be civil for too long in the debate and compassion goes right out the window. But it’s interesting to see how Kreeft seamlessly includes all his previous arguments and points into the mock debate.

Though certainly not a guidebook for debating the issue of abortion, it is very informative and Kreeft makes a lot of good points, especially on issues like:
– is the fetus a person or a potential person?
– does the fetus have a soul?
– what’s the difference between abortion and infanticide?
– are pro-lifers being intolerant and forcing their beliefs on others?

If you want to know more on how to talk about abortion, it’s well worth the investment.


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